Tirza Atar  - a poet, lyricist, writer, and translator expressed a singular feminine voice, which resonates and touches us until today, and continues to be a source of inspiration to many artists. 

As the daughter of the prominent poet Natan Alterman and the distinguished theater actress Rachel Marcus, she led an intriguing life, until 41 years ago, September 1977, when she fell from her house window. The circumstances surrounding her death remain an unsolved mystery.

Now, marking the 41st anniversary of her untimely death, and in honor of her art and songs, 5 musicians  – Sher Niv, Ruth Danon, Meirav Hellinger, Ronnie Wagner and Roni Bar-Hadas present an all-women original and colorful musical event, breathing new life into some of her most popular songs.

The show premiered in Tel Aviv's distinguished Piano Festival (Nov. 2017)  and has since played to sold-out audiences at the Cameri Theater and Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv, and in selected venues all over Israel.

Ruth Danon - Vocals, Keyboard, Flute

Sher Niv - Vocals, Guitar

Meirav Hellinger - Vocals, Piano

Ronnie Wagner - Vocals, Percussion

Roni Bar Hadas - Vocals, Bass

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Upcoming Shows:

Sep. 27th, 20:00 - Savion Culture House

Tickets available: https://pxlme.me/x_dzj8nJ

Oct. 11th, 19:00  - Nia Hotel, Shavey Zion

Nov. 29th, 19:30 - Miriam House, Ramat Yishai

Dec. 18th, 20:00 - Tzavta 2 Theater, Tel Aviv

Feb. 28th, 20:00 - Beit HaPnai, Ness Ziona


שמחות לשחרר סינגל ראשון מתוך המופע:

"ושום סלע"

מלים: תרצה אתר, לחן: עדי רנרט

:We're happy to release the 1st single from our show

Veshum Sela (And no rock)

Composed by Adi Rennert

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Shir Le'Erev Hag - Composed by Ya'akov Hollander, Lyrics by Tirza Atar
Ir Atzuva - Composed by Mati Caspi, Lyrics by Tirza Atar
HaLayla Hu Shirim - Composed by Hanan Yovel, Lyrics by Tirza Atar
VeShum Sela - Composed by Adi Renart, Lyrics byTirza Atar

Ruth Danon - Flutist-singer and composer of music for film, radio and theater, where she also performs as an actress and singer. She is currently working on her debut album of songs in Hebrew, collaborating

with music producer Shai Leowinstein. Ruth was part of the “Kol Dodi” ensemble performing with Mika Karny, and is now performing in Israel and abroad as flutist and singer with the “Forest” folk group as well as editing and hosting her own radio show at the Open University Radio Station.


Sher Niv – a guitarist, singer-songwriter who creates a unique language on the guitar, and presents songs from the depth of her soul in a low smoky voice. Her debut album “With Trembling Hands” came out in 2016. The single “Stay Close” was frequently played on several radio stations, and was “Song Of The Week” on 88FM. Sher performs all over Israel with a group of musicians, including Yuval Messner, Yuval Vilner and Ronnie Wagner, and has collaborated with a number of well known indie musicians such as Yehu Yaron, Uzi Ramirez and others.



Meirav Hellinger – a singer/songwriter, composer and pianist who has taken part in many music festivals (The Piano Festival, Yearot Menashe, to name a few), and has collaborated with Yoni Rechter, Ariel Horovitz, Ricky Gal and others. Her debut album “One Blue Gaze” came out in January 2016, and currently she is the leader of her own band and show “Missing Meir Ariel”, as well as collecting material for her next album – an Israeli Rock Piano album in Hebrew.


Ronnie Wagner – a percussionist/guitarist/pianist, composer and musical arranger. B.A graduate for both composition and education from the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Her love for travel and adventures has led her to experiment in a vast range of instruments and musical genres. Ronnie runs composing and writing workshops, is part of the instructors' team of Musicians Without Borders, and performs on guitar and percussions in several groups.


Roni Bar Hadas – a singer/songwriter, guitarist and bass player. At the young age of 22, she is already an experienced performer on stage, graduating from Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, and serving in the Israeli Army Band. These days Roni is playing in several groups (Daniel Rubin, Gil

Bar-Hadas and others), and is working on her first album.



Contact Us

For booking and more information:

Meirav - +972-52-8238467

Ruth - +972-52-6549286


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